Wednesday, March 28, 2012

UGA Creamery

Creamery of the Crop Sciences

There's nothing better on a hot Spring afternoon after working up a sweat running around campus than some cold, sweet, ice cream. If you are past the dining hall days but don't have the time to go too far off campus then ook no further than the UGA Creamery.

The What?!

Some may not know the wonders of the UGA Creamery, and to be honest, I had only heard of it a few months ago and only went for the first time today. But I will forever be a returning customer.

The creamery is run by UGA food services and is located on South campus next to the UGA Environmental Health Sciences building.
The Creamery i more than an ice cream shop though. Inside you can get a selection of quick foods like sandwiches and soups along with coffee, candy, gum, fruit and soft drinks, a small selection of medecine, and of course, ice cream! It is a one stop shop!
The shop has a homey feel and features milk cans and vintage kitchen furniture inside. Although there isn't seating inside, outside there are lots of benches and table outside for the taking. Most everything is reasonably priced for the convenience. It is great if you find yourself on this part of campus and quickly need some Advil or a fast lunch.
I enjoyed my mint chocolate chip ice cream! I have heard that the creamery used to make their own ice cream from the milk of UGA cows, but now they feature Edy's and Mayfield ice cream in a variety of flavors. Because the store is owned by UGA Food services, you pay normally or with Bulldog Bucks.

If you find yourself on south campus, try out some ice cream at the creamery or just stop in and check it out. You never know when having a hidden treasure like this will come in handy.

UGA Creamery Recommendations:
  • Get some ice cream!
  • Go sit outside at one of the benches or explore the plant sciences area, the scenery is beautiful
  • I got two scoops and it was a lot! Make sure you are really wanting some ice cream before you go the double route.

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